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.Q1: What kinds of mould do you manufacture?

 A1: We are mainly making plastic injection moulds, and we also make rubber compression, die casting

        mold  and Stamping tooling according to our customer’s requirements.


.Q2: What types of files (drawings) do you accept?

 A2: With our CAD systems we can take the following files in: STP, STPE, IGS, X_T, DXF, DWG, PPT,

        STL, CATIA, UG, etc.


.Q3: Can you provide OEM service?

 A3: Of course, we can provide OEM service.


.Q4: Can you customized the exclusive mould for customers?

 A4: Yes, each mould is exclusive to each customer. We will never sell the mould to others without the

        permission of our clients.


.Q5: How long is the lead-time for one set plastic injection mould?

 A5: It all depends on the mould size and its complexity, normally, the lead time is 25-60days.


.Q6: Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether our mould is being built on schedule?

 A6: On customers requests we are giving a detailed mould building schedule every week.


.Q7: Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?

 A7: Yes, all steel certificate or hardness certificate will send together the mould to our customers.


.Q8: What is your terms of payment?

 A8: FOB Shenzhen, 40% deposit with order, 30% T1 sample approval, 30% balance before shipment.


.Q9: How do you package the moulds?

 A9: We package the moulds with wooden case.


.Q10: Do you make spare parts for customers?

 A10: Yes, we will provide spare parts for moulds if required by our customers.