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Injection molding machine

The injection molding machine is kind of plastic machinery, referred to as the injection molding machine or injection molding machine, thermoplastic or thermosetting material the use of plastic mold into various shapes of plastics molding equipment. Injection molding by the injection molding machine and mold.

Mold design and manufacture (part 1)

The mold is the manufacturing industry important craft foundation, in our country, the mold manufacture belongs to the special purpose equipment manufacturing industry.

Concurrent design of plastics injection moulds

The plastic product manufacturing industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. One of the most popular processes for making plastic parts is injection molding. The design of injection mould is critically important to product quality and efficient product processing.

Design optimization of an injection mold for minimizing temperaturedeviation

The quality of an injection molded part is largely affected by the mold cooling. Consequently, this makes it necessary to optimize the mold cooling circuit when designing the part but prior to designing the mold. Various approaches of optimizing the mold cooling circuit have been proposed previously.

How to design and build the 'gear' 'skew gear' 'helical gear' molds

How to design the gear mold like this image? Let's check out. Pin-Point gate is first