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Molds Manufacturing

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.With the commitments to the customer “High quality, High efficiency and Competitive cost “,no matter which industry you operate, SPT knowledge on raw materials and processing&manufacturing results in a  fascinating products development from A to Z.


.Equipped with high speed CNC machines, Sodick EDM, Sodick Mirror EDM, SPT can reach annual output of 500sets moulds, the max weigh is up to 30Tons.

.Mould building standards include:

.Mould steel: ASSAB(Sweden), A.FINKL(USA),GS(Germany),LKM(China).

.Mould base: DME, HASCO, FUTABA, LKM etc.

.Hot runner: Hasco, Hottip, Husky, Incoe, Synventive, Mold Master, Yudo.

.Standard components: DME, HASCO, LKM, etc.